Today, I popped into the liquor store just outside my place for a beer and opted for a Belgian one. I’d heard about Leffe mentioned before by friends (they studied in Holland) but never had the chance to try some. So I saw it on the top shelf of the fridge and went for the Radieuse (meaning Halo), a dark ale. My choice must have been a good one because the guy at the store said “It’s really good!” despite the fact I dragged him out from his dinner halfway.

I’m actually having the second last swig from the bottle right now. Wish I had one of those lovely Leffe chalices to chug this baby down. Or wish I were in a Belgian abbey chilling out, maxing and relaxing with some rosy-cheeked monks.

The beer is good, really good, kinda like how the store guy described it. I probably shoulda poured it to check the colour and head but I haven’t got a nice beer glass so screw that. It smells complex and malty. A lot of stuff going on and it tastes complex and strong as well. Its fruity but not overwhemingly so. This would be bloody good with a strong, meaty stew or anything with a heavy sauce. Its a relatively strong beer, at 8.4% and very flavoursome and caramelly.