Tonight’s swig of choice was a Franziskaner Dunkel, located conveniently next to my last purchase. The brewery is named for being close to a Franciscan monastery rather than actually being brewed by the monks themselves. Their trademark is the image of a monk, mug in one hand whilst the other rubs his stomach though. The bottle comes in a half litre, which is nice since I’m thirsty after a long day.

I pop the bottle open and give it a whiff. Its malty and smells well roasted, or even cold ham somehow. Taste wise, it is somewhat close to a stout, like the liqour store dude said. But its fruitier and lighter in mouth feel. Taste wise, its pretty refreshing, perhaps somewhat strange for a dark beer. I suppose you expect dark beers to have a heavier feel, with darker flavours but this doesn’t taste like its dark brown color suggests.

Don’t get me wrong though, its still full bodied and very flavorful, with a crisp finish, almost lemony. Quite lovely really.