A lizard is sticking its electric blue tongue out at me but the strange trademark is not about to stop me downing another beer tonight. This time, its the second recommendation by the store guy and its a lager. All the other previous beers were darker beers. This one’s light golden, a very clean and fresh lager, supplemented by Hunter Valley sparkling water. You just know by their logo and name that Bluetongue aren’t any normal brewery. They can only be an offbeat Australian one. The lager actually smells kinda malty but light.

Taste wise, its not like any lager I’ve ever had. Its got a whole lot more flavour than the average lager. In fact, you be somewhat surprised it was a lager if it were a blind taste test. It still does feel very much like a lager though, really crisp but there’s a flavour swell after the initial burst, with a bitter, hoppy finish. I haven’t got a blue tongue yet though so I’m gonna keep swigging away.