Looking at the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this post is about overpriced denim that every Sydneysider is rocking other than K/Tsubi. It is in fact, a post about a juice company. Fruit juices that is. I was getting a craving for a sweet drink tonight but really didn’t want to chug down another coke. I’ve probably drank a few swimming pools of it already and its time to stop. So I popped over to the fruit juice section and saw a cute bottle on the top shelf. Another thing about me is I’m a sucker for cute stuff, so I decided that it would be my next waterbottle despite the AUD$5.99 tag. What I picked up was the 750ml version of the fire fighter nudie, apparently a tribute to the fire fighters who saved the company’s headquarters. Nice, a company which is cute and has a heart. To this day, any fire fighter that pops into the headquarters will get 2 free drinks.

Flavour-wise, it was intense, really thick berry flavour, very saturated and almost creamy in texture. A look at the contents shows that there’s only fruit. No additives, preservatives, colouring, sugar or even water. Its all fruit. In fact, it consists of 3,3/4 apples, 1,1/2 banana, 84 raspberries, 90 cranberries and 1,1/2 orange. So I guess I’m getting my money’s worth. They’ve also got some other interesting flavours that I’m just dying to check out.

Their website really does show off their kooky identity, which you immediately associated with the cute little, wide smiling mascot. They big up their “secret ingredients” (just fruit really), or apologise to the additive/preservative manufacturers. Just take a gander at the 37 reasons why they are named as such and you will probably get a good idea of how good their juice might taste.