When I first moved to Sydney, I was staying at the house of an acquaintance of my mother. I’ve now since moved and was looking to get her something for the bother. So I resorted to the tried and true chocolate method, which is basically buying chocolates because you can’t think of anything better. But I didn’t want to get her any old choc-a-bloc and even stuff like Ferrero Rocher and Lindt didn’t make the cut for me. Maybe its because I’m sick and tired of that kind of stuff but I wanted to try something else. Then I vaguely recalled seeing this thing called a chocolate map when I was researching for places to go to in Sydney. I think it came off Gridskipper or Refinery29. Anyway, its called Chocomap and off that, I found Adora Handmade Chocolates, located at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney’s CBD area. I also cross referenced with some other random forums and was blindly convinced by some person who claimed to have tried it all and said Adora was great.

I went for the 30 piece, one of each variety box, which the lady behind the counter referred to with the phrase “You can’t go wrong with that.”, which went along quite well with my intentions. I also picked up 6 for myself. I gave one to my housemate but ate the other 5. Quite bloody lovely. I still remember the first one I popped in. Full bodied chocolate flavour, melt in your mouth goodness, wholesome and rich velvety taste mashed in with bright orange and the texture and twist of marzipan and brandy. Its a chocolatier’s standard maybe but it was good, which it should be since they only use Belgian couverture. Would definitely want to try a few more. I can’t even remember what the wattleseed one tastes like except that it was good. I didn’t refer to the pictorial list when chomping down. Also wanna check out stuff like the aniseed one, cinnamon chilli, chai and several others I didn’t recall seeing on the website. Definitely see myself getting a few more boxes there.