I had possibly the worst beer of my life Saturday night and it shall forever be unnamed because its simply too vile to speak of. It’s fuckin’ Toohey’s New in case you were wondering. Official beer of the wallabies my arse. Also had some Crown lager, which must be the most overpriced “Premium” lager I’ve ever had. So I had to fix myself up with something better, so I went for the last of my randomly selected 6 pack and arrive at the Belle-Vue Kriek. The beer bottle resembles a champagne bottle with the tightened cap and a cork which I had to pop off. The labels are distinctly red, well contrasted against the green bottle. Add to that the cherries on the label and you know this beer is a fruit beer meant more as a novelty drink than a real beer. Hmm… perhaps if I spent more time in the liquor store, I’d be able to make more discerning choices. I’ll blame it on the Malibu Cokes (quite nice really) and Smirnoffs.

The beer pours a lovely cherry red, with a light pinkish head. It formed quite well but dissipated soon enough, much of it clinging to the walls of my glass as I drank. It does smell and taste of cherries but disappointingly, its rather thin after the initial burst. Its dry and finishes quite abruptly. I wouldn’t say its bad, its quite drinkable and refreshing. I suppose you really look to this beer as a champagne alternative and in that case I think it works out ok. Its more of a sparkling cherry drink than a cherry beer, such was the extent of alcohol taste that I could detect.