My mother, bless her, bought me this massive book just before I came over to Sydney. I didn’t bring it on board with me because its pretty damn heavy and my clothes took precedence. It should have been the other way around haha but I rectified the issue promptly by getting someone to bring it over to me, along with a couple of Graniphs I left behind. Obviously still quite unrepentant.

But this is about the book, which is absolutely superb. Its like an encyclopedia or index for the culinary arts. Its chock full of info starting with Abaisse; a term in French cookery for a sheet of rolled-out pastry, and ending with Zuppa Inglese; a dessert invented by Neapolitan pastrycooks and ice-cream makers. And that’s just excerpts for each one. There’s typically a little bit of history, details of methods, ingredients and also recipes in some cases. The depth and wealth of information is astounding, and the size of the book, daunting. Just makes me feel really really small because I can flip a page and have no idea about a single entry. Enticing.