One of the best places to chill out in Sydney is probably Max Brenner‘s. Who’s gonna say no to chocolate anyway? The decor and design is a throwback to 1960s French graphics brought current and the music always classy. The chocs on sale are lovely bite sized morsels of joy, with signature Max Brenner graphic patterns printed over. On the menu, a great selection of chocolate based drinks and desserts that tantalize the tongue. They do like to use unconventional cups and containers. If you get a hot choc, its gonna come in a hug mug, where you basically cup your hands together to hold it and drink at the pointy end. If you get a cold choc, it tends to come in a tall glass with the top pressed over like a shade and a hole for a straw. (Note: you probably can’t use that one like a drinking glass, its pretty much useless without a straw) Dessert wise, you get great choc fondues and delectable cakes and tarts that will satisfy any chocoholic. This place just screams first date all over. Its not overpriced, the ambiance is great, its very trendy and the food and drink brilliant. Its almost too conducive, too easy. Thank you Max.