It’s rather wonderful to be able to spend an entire morning and afternoon sampling food from all over the world, which was what I did yesterday at Fine Food ’07. Well, ok I spent the afternoon at Wines & Spirits ’07 having a bit (lot) of a tipple but you get the idea. The fair itself was pretty interesting, with all sorts of exhibitors, from kitchen and manufacturing equipment to importers and a good amount of local product. At times, it was a little strange to see quite a bit of frozen and pre-packed foods, which didn’t really gel with the “Fine” bit of  things but all that was forgiven by the Oztastic vibe.

A bottled water company caught my eye in particular. Brashly named, Another Bloody Water is just about as Aussie as it gets. There were also quite a few interesting products. Like I tried a butter and sea salt ice cream (quite butterscotchy, sweet and slightly salty) and a choc chip chilli ice cream (the heat hits at the end, after the cold dissipates). I also had the pleasure of sampling some wonderful jamon from Spain, chocs from everywhere, dips, sauces, oils, vinegars, cakes, drinks, meats, hams… well the list goes on.

Its just brilliant how you get to try so much stuff and also get a ton of contacts related to the industry and in my case, absolutely free. All you need to do is register early, and smile at everyone, compliment their food and talk about prospective futures. ;)