Desiccated coconut, flour, sugar, butter, oats, golden syrup, sodium bicarbonate and boiling water. Put em together and what do you get? Why ANZAC biscuits of course. I had no idea these had so much history to them. I just thought they tasted great but now I hold them in much greater reverence. I just love how they are rock hard and take effort to bite into. The coconut helps too. Ok, a lot. I like coconuts. A lot.

Anyway, here’s something really interesting I lifted off the link.

A point of interest is the lack of eggs to bind the ANZAC biscuit mixture together. Because of the war, many of the poultry farmers had joined the services, thus, eggs were scarce. The binding agent for the biscuits was golden syrup or treacle.

How mighty clever. Golden syrup as a binding agent. Clap clap. Seriously. Its the coconut dammit! The coconut! That’s the binding agent! That’s what brings it all together. Otherwise it’d just be freakin’ flour and oats and you’d call them ANZA bisuits. Show the coconut the love it deserves! The gentle touch of flavour and the eensy weensy little bite it confers totally transforms the little pastry, turning it into an object of desire and sustenance. Them little white morsels ensconced within the rocky lifegivers were what gave the vets hope. Hope to fight on and eat more coconuts. I mean go home. To eat coconuts.

Have I mentioned I have a slight affection for desiccated coconut?

*Update! 25th April! ANZAC Day! I awoke to someone playing bagpipes at 5am and walking past people on the street with badges. Also, some people cried in ads on the radio, relating their stories about their grandaddies surviving WWI and uh crying about it. I love dem biks btw.