Today sees the release of Radiohead‘s new LP. You can actually download it for free (you could also opt to pay them) off their website. The actual CD itself will come out quite a bit later.

The files are 160kpbs and a total of 48.4MB.


So I’ve been listening to the album for a bit and find that I really love it. The album’s kinda surprising but then again, every Radiohead album is different and new. This one surprises with its simplicity, which you wouldn’t naturally think of when you talk about the band. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying its just guitar riffs and straight up 4/4 rockin’ choons. There is a complexity in there but the whole album feels refreshingly minimal in result.

The mood is mellow and sounds post OK Computer,  pre-Kid A, which justifies the inclusion of the track Nude, which used to be known as Big Ideas. It really fits in perfectly but that’s not to say the band have abandoned everything from Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief. Its just that they’ve pared things down. The heavily eerie, electronic sound of a couple years back is now drowned out with more swarthy guitar washes and gentle plinks and plonks. The beats are completely updated though and thoroughly enjoyable. Thom is seriously in rare form. Its a gorgeous gorgeous album it really is. In Rainbows almost seems a perfect title? Its just so colourful and bright, a welcome change from the darker,  almost gothic sound palette that reigned over the last couple of albums.

There was a point where I began to wonder if Radiohead would ever make just simple, good music without the weight and experimentation. This album says that they can and just did.

There’s still a lot of fuss about how the album was released online, available for free if a consumer so chooses blah blah blah. In my opinion, the best bit about this method is how everyone gets it at the same time. No reading the reviews from your fave blog/music site/mag and then forming your opinion. You’re entitled to truly decide if the album is worth it or not.