Last night, I had a beer. Not just any beer though. It was a Chimay Blue. Special occasion because I killed and cooked a lobster and made some linguini to go with it.

Its in the 99th percentile at so I was expecting a good beer, which it was. This was to me, everything an ale should be like, deceptively strong at 9%, full on flavour and it went so well with my food.

Definitely has a slightly flowery, dried fruit scent and tasted malty, like figs soaked in champagne. Barely bitter at all and highly drinkable. I’d actually go as far to say that this is one of the best beers I’ve tried so far.

On another note, I have a friend working at the Belgian Beer Cafe here in Sydney, so I will probably traipse over one day to have a bit of a laugh and a tipple. They have every single Chimay and more unique beers which is about as close as I’ll get to going to Belgium right now.