D&D fans might recognise the title. That’s the name I keep giving my latest object of lust, this black on black ceramic 6 inch chef’s knife from Kyocera. This baby is made of ultra hard ceramic, second in hardness only to diamond, which means its harder than steel so you can essentially get an edge that is super sharp. I keep ogling at it when I walk past the knife shops. It just looks so damn cool.


It retails at about AUD$220 but I found it online at $140 which is actually really good for a knife. The only reason why I haven’t bought it yet is because I’m not quite swimming in cash but moreso because its a ceramic knife. The drawbacks are that its brittle and you have to be quite a lot more careful with it.

I already felt the pangs when I dinged my 9 inch Wusthof trying to cut through some duck bone. I’d sharpened it the day before with a stone for the first time so I guess I made the edge super thinned out and sharp but soft, so it dented slightly near the heel. So I’m not about to throw a buncha cash on a beautiful knife only to damage it and cry. Obviously, I’d never touch bone with a ceramic knife but I can be lazy/careless at times.

Sharpening it is also a pain. Its goddamn ceramic, so you can’t steel it and I really have no idea if any stones will work well at all or just damage it. The retailer told me you never have to sharpen it but that’s just bollocks to me. It will suffer from wear and tear and you will lose performance. I do know you can send it to Japan and Kyocera will do it for free but that just sounds really troublesome. That’s another drawback to a ceramic knife.

Still, I did try it out at least. Cuts through a tomato like nothing, cleaner than the other knives I’ve tried in the store. Felt so damn light as well. Another great advantage is that ceramic is chemically inert. Nothing will corrode it and it will not taint your food at all. It is dainty at just 6 inches but that’s the kind of knife I’m into at the moment, a smaller and more agile tool for more precision. They can’t make the knives too long due to the brittleness of the material. 7 inches is the longest chef and they have an 8.25 inch long sashimi knife.  There’s also a series of Damascus style ones, white blade on black hilts and  a special edition white on pink hilt which is so damn cute I told my girlfriends about it.

Maybe the fact I keep thinking that its a Black Blade of Disaster is some sort of evil portent that I should never wield the Kyocera ever. Or maybe that’s just my wallet whispering to me. I can’t decide. I do know I will use this for home use in the near future. It just looks so damn cool.