What I’m referring to is now in my belly digesting amidst a festering pool of gastric juices having a festival in my honour. That’s really a Thai style fried rice known as Khao Kluk Kapi Kung or Fermented Shrimp Paste Fried Rice with Prawns. Lime wedge optional.

The typical way it’s served in Thailand is with a bunch of other sides and usually sweet pork instead of prawns. I was just lazy to cook up the egg and veg and decided that I needed a cholesterol boost tonight and cooked off close to half a kilo of prawns.


I also made a sauce with some more shrimp paste, dark soy, lime, sugar and chilli.

The only disappointment was the rice, because I didn’t wanna waste what my housemates had made, I used it to make this dish. Unfortunately, the rice was soggy as hell, I had to fry it for 10 mins to try to dry it off and by then, it was a clumpy mess. Which is why I tried my best to hide everything with the prawns on top and a distracting lime cheek.

Gonna try to perfect this next time with proper rice, grilled prawns, julienned omelette and some roast capcicums, maybe some apple or cucumber for crunch.

Here’s a link to a recipe to know roughly what I did. It even has a step by step pictorial guide. I just went by feel though, didn’t refer to it but its similar. Mine’s more minimalist is all. (Excuses excuses…)