Dreams come to me unwittingly. I never plan my life in calculated steps. Instead, I like to live spontaneously and collect dreams. Which means I think wistfully about grandiose, abnormal or absurd things to do but procrastinate and do nothing.

Part of the problem is financial of course but slowly, I realise I am able to achieve my little dreams step by step. Some are simply crappy material wants like my now baggy A.P.C. New Standards which have lived up to the 4 month mark without being washed. Another is my very recent purchase of a hat.

Sometimes, the dreams I aspire to experience for real come suddenly. This one came just as I decided to post this today. I was actually craving for a flavor really. Forest fruits in particular. Something about berries in tandem just gets my taste-buds rocking out. So I got some forest fruits flavored muesli bars which worked a treat because I just chomped one down. As I’m typing this, my tongue is gleefully picking away at the last remnants stuck on my teeth or some disparate nook due to my relentless chewing. I was a cow in my past life yes.

Ok, back to the dream. My newest of new, insipid, bland and ridiculous dreams, is to travel to Germany, somewhere next to the Rhine or in it, who the hell cares. I just want a goddamn forest, lovely greyish brown woods, misty, dull dark greens in summertime and a flowing river. There, all I’m gonna do is spend an afternoon picking wild berries, wearing lederhosen, my straw trilby, a pint mug in hand and a knapsack on my back. Val-deri, val-dera!

Of course, inside the knapsack would be a bunch of friggin sausages and a special reserve of select trappist ales. Sorry Germany, Belgium wins the beer race for me but I will opt for German sausages. Also, some good cheese and rye bread.

This won’t be to the hypnotic rhythms of The Happy Wanderer in my ears because I’d probably start killing myself after the 27th val-deri. So it’ll have to be something like Cinematic Orchestra or some such, maybe Bela Bartok mysteriously piping through the forest. Which now reminds me how I also need to get a nice pair of Redwings for this hike.

All this from a bunch of berries combined. I wonder what I’ll want to do when I eat spacecakes.