As usual, I’m always on the late train when it comes to following fads, be they in music or fashion. This one is no exception only I missed two in tandem.

Pete Doherty was a name I vaguely recalled in some tabloid or something crappy. I remember the story was about Kate Moss on holiday and finding her boyfriend screwing some other chick instead of her blah blah blah. Might’ve got everything wrong, don’t take my word for it.

Anyway, that never had any effect on me at all. At the time I had no idea who the fuck Pete Doherty was and I am certainly not of the bony persuasion thank you very much. Then I recalled more information stuffed in my face by some “media” outlet telling me more about this rock star and his lifestyle.

Fast forward to a few weeks back and I magically waved my mouse and woosh! appeared The Libertines self titled LP on my iTunes. I have to say, this shite is actually quite engaging. The music for itself, sort of harks back to Oasis almost. Its not super classic by any stretch but its quite good, old school-ish British rock ‘n’ roll.

Then I learn of Pete Doherty’s close friendship with Hedi Slimane and it all fell together when I saw this pic.

So, trendwhore that I am, I promptly bought myself a goddamn trilby and yes, I hum Babyshambles songs now when I strut down Sydney’s streets, with as much rock star menace as I can muster.