A friend of mine whipped out her Leica C-Lux 2 and I was really taken by how it looked from the front. The controls behind though, looked like a typical Panasonic/Casio compact digicam. Awful and convoluted.

Still, it piqued my interest enough to peek at the Leica website and there, I found the far more respectable M8 and more interestingly, a build your own camera service. Available only to the analog M7 and the fully automatic, battery-less MP, you get 9 steps to customize your own camera from the top finish, leatherette, controls, viewfinders etc. I felt like I was in Nike iD but vintagey.

You can get bespoke anything online nowadays!


Peep my lizard leather, silver chromed, next level MP with M7 rewind, unengraved for maximum photo snob exclusivity.