Finally, a good movie. After countless inane, rubbish and not even stylish “action” movies that I end up catching, I finally watched a good movie. It pays to have some company who have some semblance of taste.

Death At A Funeral was something I had little clue about. Then again, I have little clue about much anything at all. Still! My point is, I had zero expectations. Previously, I knew I was gonna catch crappy movies but I still had certain predilections so this time round, I really wasn’t expecting much at all. Which helps a ton, because you know when you don’t expect anything and you get something and you’re like wow or oh yeah. Like when your girlfriend decides to give you something something. Or when you open a xmas present and its cash. That kind of feeling.

The first inkling that DAAF was gonna be good was when a name flashed across the title credits. “Ewen Bremner”. AKA Spud from Trainspotting. The second bit was the opening scene, which was absurd but hilarious. What was to ensue for the next 1.5 hours was to be a chaotic centrifuge of coincidences and finally, clarity.

Basically, this guy’s dad dies and at the funeral, all manner of tomfoolery happens involving drugs, an incontinent old man, a horny Spud, an obsessive compulsive and a dwarf. The characters develop really well despite the short screen time. Probably because the film is pretty obvious in leading you onto certain aspects of each member of the cast. I mentioned Bremner but his character is just a sideshow, which you’d expect anyway. The rest are a mostly British cast save for Peter Dinklage, the dwarf actor who played the supervillain in Underdog. (I mentioned watching shite beforehand.)

For the life of me, I also couldn’t remember what director Frank Oz did before this, though his name struck a faint chord in the quiet of the cinema. *checks wikipedia* He did Stepford Wives, which I loved but the really interesting bit is that he’s motherfucking Yoda. How did I forget that? Geez, I muz be gettin’ ooooold. He is also Miss Piggy, Grover, Bert and Cookie Monster. And motherfucking yoda.

Death is a good film for a dark comedy. Its not high art. It doesn’t provoke or inspire but its highly entertaining. Whilst the subject matter might be a little crass, its all done with a certain panache and style. You never feel like the jokes and situations are stupid. As my mate and I have concluded, its just a very well written slapstick with a sinister bend.

The best bit about the film is how everything falls together perfectly, with references, foreshadowing and precursors all over to point you towards the predictable but perfect climax. There’s also no over-sentimentality even after the happy-ish resolution. Its a trainwreck of a funeral and you’re invited to watch and laugh at the misery. Muahahaha!