I finally caught Control, the film by Anton Corbijn and only because Qantas were good enough to have it on their in flight entertainment system. My previous efforts to catch the film were largely foiled by the location of the cinema where it was showing in Sydney being out of the way with regards to my location, my inability to find anyone to watch it with and also procrastination. Which means I procrastinated and never caught the film on the big screen so I settled for a tiny one instead. I did try to download it but the great Australian internet connection told me to fuck off.

Anyway, its a beautiful film. I just love the contrast, the black and white, the relation to the characters, their distance, their proximity, their emotional state… I also love the graphic insight into one of my favorite bands and the coloring of their story. Stuff like Tony Wilson signing a contract in his blood or Hooky mentioning how he hated the word cocks in The Buzzcocks.

Yet, nothing detracts from the tragedy that is the heart of one of the greatest rock’n’roll stories of all time and the pure depression that results from it. Watching the film gave me a chance to fully visualize what had till then been simply words on a page. I felt like I had my heart wrenched from my ribcage as I watched the inevitable ending. Its just so fucking sad and yet you also realise how Ian Curtis was always going to be like that and at the end of the day, he left a wonderful legacy.

RIP Ian.