When you think Mambo, you probably think of shit like Australian Jesus and the artist who created it, Reg Mombassa. Yet, its only today that I learned that that isn’t actually his real name. Which is Chris O’Doherty.

Anyway, I  caught this short flick, Golden Sandals, about the man himself on my Qantas flight and was happy to learn that this crazy dude had so much behind the funny pictures. He quips poker faced about his childhood and how his mom and dad’s constant building of houses affected him and his distorted sense of suburbia and humanity.

My favorite scene was when he describes the idea behind Australian Jesus, which is a sort of reaction toward Aussie culture and not so much of a theological statement. Another scene where he sketches after revisiting one of his childhood homes is also breathtaking, in how he forms an idea and fills it up about houses with legs and progress progress progress. All that mashed in with an apocalyptic future where American jets might bomb the shit out of everything.

Cool guy.