In the opening scene of 24 Hour Party People, we see Tony Wilson attempting to hang glide for the first time and injuring his coccyx. He then turns and speaks to the viewer, breaking the 4th wall and mentions Icarus as the story that relates to the film itself and the hang gliding scene foreshadowing what was to come.

Sadly, the man is no longer with us but he certainly flew, fell and left a fucking legacy. Factory records is an amazing legend. A myth. One that perpetuates to this day and the bloody crazy thing is that the gist of it is really true. Joy Division, the Happy Mondays, the Hacienda, its like it was written on a script and not real life. Yet I watch the film and of course, quite a bit is complete fantasy or extensions of the truth, but nothing changes the fact that Tony Wilson lived a life most people can only dream of.

It makes me feel shit that I’m facing a laptop typing into a blog instead of signing the next big band with a contract written in my tears or launching a fashion retail outlet/restaurant on the back of royalties from said band and having short, delirious relationships with beautiful women and living happily ever after.