The white shirt is to the guy what the black dress is a girl. The quintessential piece in any guy’s wardrobe. Finding a good one that isn’t bespoke is a tough ask. In Singapore, 99% of guys make do with something shite from G2000. The other 1% get it from Agnes B, Haji Lane, Ann Siang or Club 21 which together, encompass every single good label worth mentioning. Yes, you can consider that the complete and concise guide to shopping in Singapore for men.

Here in Sydney though, I have the luxury of the post xmas/new year sale, which basically means that I copped a Filippa K white shirt at AUD120 (AUD142 after alterations to the sleeve) down from AUD240 and I’m here to brag about it. Ok, its still not all that cheap but my point is put best by the salesgirl who took my EFTPOS, “That’s a really nice shirt isn’t it? You don’t often find white shirts on sale!”.