A Bodum French Press was always on one my “to buy” lists. I can now strike it off since I bought one a week ago.


This baby has rejuvenated my morning routine completely. Ok, so its not expressos and ristrettos but its still good coffee. I also plunged for a tin of Illy to go with it. Not because I’m a true believer of the Italian coffeehouse but because their tin looks so damn good and it perfectly matches my press pot.

Thing is, although I’ve always wanted one ever since I was old enough to realize Bodum and coffee existed in duality, I never truly understood its simplicity and beauty. The pot I got is the Shin Bistro, which is the most super ultra minimalist of all the pots available but they are all essentially the same. The clever thing I realize only now after fiddling round with one for a bit rather than just lusting from a distance is the remarkable design. The language and solutions are complete and total, quite beautiful from a technical standpoint as well.

Its basically a very simple handle design. A thin piece of metal clasped onto a pyrex beaker. The handle itself uses tension of the metal via some screws to grip onto the glass. It then forms a support nearer the base, which marvelously balances all the forces at play. The pyrex is easily replaceable and another benefit of the design is the ease of maintenance. Cleaning the contraption is dead easy as is using it. And everything sits on a nice little cork coaster.