I am so stoked. Yesterday was the first of the Big Days Out in the Gold Coast, basically Australia’s answer to Glastonbury. In my opinion at least anyway. This year’s Big Day O ut has got Bjork, Arcade Fire, Battles, Unkle, LCD Soundsystem and the reformation of Rage Against The Machine and me. I will be going! On Australia Day no less, 28th January 2008. Omg look at da numbas zomg da vincee codez!

Anyway, in 1 week, I will meet up with a friend in Melbourne to rock the fuck out. Also, I get to do some shopping in Melbourne, for which there will be a special report. But mostly, I get to rock the fuck out.

Why Melbourne? Well, basically, the same friend bought 2 tickets for Melbourne after the Sydney sales evaporated into thin air. He then conned me into buying the spare, so I then dutifully made travel and hotel arrangements because I would not pass this up, sucker that I am. Also, I get a holiday within a holiday and extend my reach to more of Australia. And haven’t you looked at the lineup yet? That alone is justification itself!