Walking round the city again, I find ch-ch-changes all around and feel it necessary to update my “guide”.

First up, some upcoming store openings?

Graniph will have a standalone store in TGV, set to become my fave place to hang out because a new hair salon, Shinka is also set to open there.

Oxford Street needs some inclusions. West – East.

American Apparel is also set to open a store in Fall ’08. That’s like what, March? April? If you walk along Oxford, you can see their ads in the store windows.

South West Trader deserves a mention too. They stock Chronicles of Never and other stuff. I somehow left this out last time.

Also along Oxford Street, I left out one store last time cos I wasn’t sure of the name. Its Roof On Fire, set in a lovely white building and furnished with a giant neon apple. Its a sort of showcase for Oz designers and also introduces some imported stuff as well. I only saw their “signage” at the bottom of the doorway when I walked past the other day. Its this tiny little plaque set in the concrete.

Also, I’ve left out some other stores for now because I haven’t quite had the time to check em out as yet but am looking forward to trekking down Newtown, Bondi and Potts Point for some variety.