Saturday was the annual Mardi Gras in Sydney, where float after bus after van after truck after dancing contingents after Harleys and geriatrics rode/strode down Oxford Street. The above pic shows 3 scantily clad male dancers backlit by a LCD screen that had my female companion drooling. Too bad for her they’re gay.

One thing I’ve come to learn in Sydney is you don’t really need a reason to party. Thousands of natty kids went in their droves, adding to the spectacle itself and making it one big theme party replete with Pink Australian flags and a lot of shit beer.

I have to say its quite amusing watching wave after wave of gays, lesbians and transsexuals do their thing on a really long runway, pouting and blue steeling at every opportunity for hours. Backed by thumping gay house anthems, I was at once aghast and animated at the sight of fat titties jiggling around everywhere, of both the female and male variety. Much respect to all these peeps for standing up for what they believe in, regardless of if they look ridiculous in skin tight spacesuits that hug their lovehandles or not. They hammed it up every chance they got. There were grown men dressed as flowers, a Britney Spears themed group complete with papparazzi, dancing nuns & popes, gold dust flecked Balinese dancers. We also got to see the famous “dykes on bikes” as well as gay footballers dribbling. The Police, Ambulance and Fire Brigade also got in on the act as well as a few companies like Ikea and Virgin Blue with a semi adspot of sorts.

Ok, so a few “corporations” made it feel a little commercialized. Add to that the sudden springing up of hot dog (rather poignant) stands along Oxford, people selling stools and an influx of Asian tourists (like me) and it might have just felt a twinge like it was just a big show with fancy costumes. Still, the biting Australian humor that marked every placard was on show, plain for all to see. With all the frank and uninhibited Oz sensibility on display, I’m pretty sure the message got across.

All in all, a spectacle that truly showed the diversity of human life, the richness of our imagination and a great sense of fun. Definitely one for the calendar.