In my spare time, I like to crochet and read a variety of publications that revolve around the popular hobby of watching mould grow on sanitised paper. However, when it comes to work, I’m all serious and dedicate myself fully to staring at Leslie Feist as her skirt kicks up in the air aided by the amazingness that is her voice as the tremors in my heart explode into a million indefinite splinters and recollapse back together forming a gaping black hole in my body sucking my life essence into nothingness and everythingness. Sigh…

I definitely had a big big blast at St. Jerome’s Laneway this year. Largely thanks to the awesome Canadian heavy lineup and an awesome atmosphere. It hasn’t got the sheer size of Big Day Out but its a whole lot more intimate and just that bit more niche. I also very much like the fact that I could get to like 3 metres from the stage and get a really good view even if my shitty photos/vids don’t show it.

Feist was basically headlining the show that also included Broken Social Scene, Stars, Okkervil River, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and quite a few more bands like Bridezilla, The Presets and Gotye. I totally missed out on CYHSY in order to catch Stars + BSS + Feist on the same stage, which I think is worth it. No offense CYHSY. Only caught glimpses of Okkervil as they played on this stage which was at the end of a long alleyway, so I was quite far back and the sound wasn’t really great which led to a decision to cut our losses.

Carlsberg. Probably the best music festival beer in the world. Which is not saying much.


Via Tania @ the Basement

First act proper, I headed into the Basement with my mate and chanced upon Via Tania. Now, I’ll clap my hands and say I had no idea who she was but hey, I’m getting old already y’know, my finger’s not on the pulse no mo. I have to say I was quite delighted though and will be looking for more of this Chicago based Aussie lady.

Okkervil River

We tried to get to Okkervil River but were stuck at the end of the alleyway and the sound was drowned out a bit by the open space in which they played, between 2 tall buildings. So we decided to head for the main stage.

The Panics

Playing at the main stage were local band The Panics, who I must confess to not remembering a lot of. Following that, were Stars, whom my mate was raving about from when we entered. According to him, I would love them since they were right up my alley. He was spot on. Stars were brilliant. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard em before and am now searching for a back catalogue to plunder.

Stars in my eyes.

Some vids.

Right after Stars were one of my faves, Broken Social Scene. My mate knew them but never really got into them that much but readily admitted that their set was the fiercest one all day long and one of the best minigigs he’d been to in a while. The fact that Stars, BSS and Feist were all playing at the same stage set things up nicely and BSS got everyone to come along with em.

Broken Social Scene


BSS + Feist

Superconnected was the first track they played I think and it got the crowd going.

Stars & Sons Feat. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Brass.

It was mad when the stage got so crowded. In fact, I think BSS only played Superconnected and were never alone on stage after that. Members of Stars, Feist, CYHSY all stuck around and got involved. I spent a good bit of time just enjoying myself and the moments rather than filming it all which I find restrictive given that there was a fat bitch doing rock signs and bending backwards whilst yelping plus flicking her hair every 15 seconds right in front of me. Also, there was this cute chick to my left who I thought was casting glances at me. Sobs, turns out she was just talking to her friend.

Shoreline Feat. Feist

Leslie Feist

When BSS were done, it was getting dark and that meant time for Leslie Feist to take the stage. Which meant my camera sucked ass from now on in. Still, do not let my awful camerawork fool you. I remind you that I was inhibited by a fat bitch. Yet nothing can detract from Feist. She was resplendent in a flowy little dress that was super feminine and girly with just the right hints of sexy. My mate spent the night mesmerized by her legs. I was staring at her lungs.

I Feel It All

1 2 3 4

Limit To Your Love


Sea Lion Woman

Let It Die

Sigh… what a beautiful voice. As Feist left the stage, we milled around, eventually settling into the Basement again where The Brunettes were playing. My camera was unusually unagreeable at this point, perhaps all that Feist and BSS goodness was already overloading its circuits. Still, I do remember thinking The Brunettes were kinda kooky cute and worth a listen even if their “talking to the crowd” bit was kinda drony. The music more than made up for it.

We didn’t manage to hang onto the end though and left soon after, for some awesome Thai food which was a superb ending to an unforgettable evening. All hail St. Jerome.