I love my weird films and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind was one of those highly regarded ones that I never watched, until yesterday at least. I guess I never knew what it really was about, something about the long title or maybe the fact that it starred Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. Yea probably the latter, I mean, 2 big name hollywood stars? The Mask and the chick who thought she was flying. How’s that gonna work out?

Brilliantly apparently. Carrey is superb as Joel, a really nice kinda guy who’s subdued and withdrawn but yearns for something explosive and interesting, fully realized in Kate Winslet’s Clementine, an impulsive free spirit. As strange as it was for me to think of these 2 completely disparate characters and actors playing opposite each other, it somehow managed to work, or maybe Michel Gondry somehow convinced me it worked.

The wonderful part of the film is how it’s a beautiful exploration of love and romance, this idea of a true love and how memory, time and space cannot seem to hold it back. Joel meets Clementine and they fall in love only until they start quarrelling and in her typical impulse, Clementine hires a company to erase her memories of Joel. In revenge, Joel then seeks out the same firm to have the same procedure only to decide to pull out whilst he’s in the midst of the erasing.

The script is absolutely superb and wonderful in the most intricate, meaningful little details. This is the kind of film I’d love to have watched with a girlfriend rather than… sobs… alone… *starts to bawl like a baby* *bawl* *bawl*

*Sniff* There’s so much in this film really. The philosophical bits, the sci-fi bits, the pure romance played out in such an unconventional fashion. The sideshow beyond Carrey and Winslet… I really felt like I could so relate to Stan. *starts bawling again*

When the film started, I was wondering exactly what I did before. Why the hell would Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet ever fall in love and in what universe? Finishing the film allowed me to realize that there are actually things besides my own world and that the sun does not revolve around me. I probably ought to stop turning my pointy little nose up at anything I deem unworthy due to my pathetic assumption. You arrive at the beginning about halfway through, which rounds up the beauty of playing stuff in reverse and allowing things to unfold in the most beautiful way possible. This is kinda like Memento but a love story and not a murder mystery and in my opinion uses the idea of memory far further.

No offense to Carrey and Winslet of course, they have done great films before, be they entirely commercial or otherwise but in my opinion, this has to be my own fondest memory of each of them ever. And yes, that means this was better than The Mask X Titanic.

Love on thin ice.

Much of the film takes place whilst Joel’s memories of Clementine are collapsing around him. I remember a particularly lovely shot in the library where the colors of the books turn white bit by bit as the memory fades, playing alongside the conversation the 2 characters are having. Just look how many metaphors are all over the image above. The film is littered with sublime, off-kilter yet beautiful shots imbued with so much emotion and depth. Another one of my favorites has to be the one where the two of them are at the beach when it’s snowing, which you have to see to appreciate I suppose.

Love works in mysterious ways maybe. Differences are perhaps what we look for rather than similarities. Or maybe its not so much differences or similarities but a shoe that fits perfectly in your own mind, discomfort, tears and stains inclusive.