Chicken Chermoula with Mint Salad was something I made the other day that was so so good. My friend mopped it all up despite the fact that there’s coriander and she hates the stuff. Chermoula is a North African style spice mix that mostly comprises of cumin, coriander and garlic. I also added ground cloves, paprika and cayenne as well as dried chillies and lemon zest. It is amazing. Toasting the spices lends the mix a wonderful fragrance. It just goes so well with the chicken.

I suppose its the exotic-ness and newness of the dish to me. I’ve never done anything Moroccan and I just keep thinking of tajines whenever I think Moroccan which I’ve also never really tried. This concept of a spice mix used as a sort of sauce wasn’t something at the top of my drawer. If anything, Chermoula has sort of opened a gateway to a new flavor profile that I really want to check out. Its such a complex combination of flavors. Its somewhat like a dry curry but intense and bright. So good!