According to the Straits Times today, Singapore will be getting a Michelin guide, this after their Japanese version released last year received mixed reviews and a couple of rejections. My question is if they will hand awards to the hawkers as well, seeing as how integral a part of Singaporean cuisine they are. I have my doubts if Singapore really has enough top quality restaurants to warrant such attention or if the Michelin guide just wants more filling of their pockets. It’d be pretty cool if one of the hundreds of uncles who devote their lives to Char Kway Teow can stand toe to toe with Thomas Keller though. Or will said uncle refuse the award, spouting something along the lines of “Mai ka jeow la, yao char kway teow qing pai dui hor. Knnbccb, simi lan jiao meeseelin star? Kum lan jiao la, wa bo see gan gong jiao eh hor!” as he waves his mighty wok chan, flames flaring in the face of a humbled man wearing a ridiculously fat white rubber costume, melting its condescension in one sweet moment of flailing bean sprouts.