This is a rant, this is a rant about some ants in my pants!

Emotionally withdrawn is how I tend to view myself, culpable to the odd outburst where apparently, I express my glee/grievances in the most awkward way according to the people who know me.

It was a birthday of one of my pals here in Sydney so we went down to the 3 Monkeys on George Street for some drinks. Whereupon, I decided we needed a photo to mark the occasion. I whipped out my trusty old Sony DSC-N1, a gift from an ex-girlfriend. This baby has travelled with me for close to 3 years and I got it as a complete surprise. In a previous blog, I trumped it up because at the time, it was quite the novelty, given its 3-inch touchscreen and dimunitive yet stylish form factor. A couple weeks later, I had it in my hands to my great satisfaction and surprise.

So I took a coupla shots and handed the camera over to a friend. He fiddled with it for a bit and then, fumbled it before I found it on the floor. No biggie, its fallen before. I drop shit all the time, phone, iPod, camera… they always come back to life even if there’s scarring. Not this time though. The screen flashed a “turn it on and off” message. The lens assembly was stuck and stuttering. I did what it asked. Several times to no avail which really sucked. I guess I got rather sullen after that, even if it felt somewhat inexplicable at the time because I wasn’t too fussed about the camera dying on me. I sort of kept thinking that, it’d come back. Complacency maybe or just blind optimism.

I am fussed now though. I went to get it booked it for a repair. It’s not too far from where I stay but it takes a good amount of time and costs some cash as well. I also had to plonk down a decent sum of money to book the evaluation. At which point, they then check it out and tell me, much to my chagrin, that it would cost close to AUD$400 to fix it. Originally, when it first came out, it was like SGD$800 or maybe AUD$570 or so. Which is almost the full price of the camera. That sucked, knowing also that my money to book it in would evaporate as well. I’m not too upset about that given I knew full well that I was taking a risk. Still, I hoped, I clung on to some thin little crevice, probably because of nostalgia and memory. The camera being the perfect representation of such things. I suppose I always manage to find some poignancy in the most mundane of things.

So ok, I have to then get a new camera. Which sucks. A month prior, I’d also gotten a new 2Gb card for my Sony. Browsing round on dpreview, I decided to opt for the Sony DSC-W150, not that the name matters. I always wonder why people assign random numerals to products, like how they’re unimportant, destined to fade away until the next upgrade. I suppose that’s sort of honest at least… “Hey, we’re not jacking you y’know, this bitch is onna die in a year, s’why we put dem numbas in dem jawns.” Yea they have other products that they erect pedestals for and I suppose in the world of tech goods, a numeral system also has certain attachments and benefits. A certain geeky je ne sai quoi. Too many funky names also tend to clutter shit up. So ok, W150 it is then.

I found one for a decent sum, AUD$320 online, so I decide to purchase it. Problem is, they like to confirm shit before they let it drop. So they send me an email telling me to confirm it with my bank. Australians are more kiasu than Singaporeans for sure I thought. Then I remember my bank has this stupid system for internet banking, which involves the use of a second PIN, derived from a physical device that I’d left at home. Damn. Stupid extra security measures. Damn 9-11 bullshit. Can’t we all just go back to the way things were? Or do I have to take my shoes off everywhere and put 3 PINs in before I can get to my bank account?

So ok, I await the arrival of news from my brother that he has found the stupid device for me before I can confirm this stupid transaction. Which has now become some sort of absurd piece of serendipitous karmic lightbulb being turned on in my head.

One camera dies, and with it the memories it once framed. In comes a new one but what photos will I take with it? Will I love the new one more? Or less? Will its 5x optical zoom, 8+ megapixels, up to ISO3200 sensitivity, compact size and decent styling be enough? Its actually an upgrade now that I think of it, but that’s simply down to order & progress I suppose. It could have been any camera, why this one? Probably because the others available at the moment look like shit. Is that enough reason to like this one?

Maybe I should just stop comparing my luck with cameras with my life and just make dinner.