I raved about Campos before and for good reason. Bringing friends there is probably one of the funnest things to do. Seeing their faces light up and then gleefully slurping, spooning, swirling and licking away is the benefit of such gastronomic charity.

Their Caffe Latte has the densest, smoothest milk foam of any coffee joint in Sydney/wherever I’ve tasted thus far. Goes down a treat and that my friends is how you do a leaf.

I didn’t know they served Caffe Mochas. I always thought it was just purist coffee but I have to say, its a pretty perfectly balanced coffee vs. cocoa thing they got goin on. And how kickass does it look?

The piece de resistance, Campos’ Affogatos are next level shiet. You basically have to savor one to understand the meaning of life.

I left out a few other drinks they serve due to camera issues. These pics above come courtesy of a new convert. Something unique they serve is a really nice expresso with sparkling water which is sour as shit but seriously refreshing, like an intense coffee soda. That’s something to try but not really one for everyone. But again, and I have to stress this, if you have to have one drink at Campos, make it an Affogato. Maybe next time, I will brave it all and get their ristretto which I’ve heard has resulted in temporary deaths/out of body experiences.