I came across this short photoessay on the New York Times about various food tattoos on chefs. The one below belongs to Jill Barron of De Cero, a Mexican restaurant in Chicago. Clearly, I have at least one thing in common with her. Mucho restecpto Jill.

I love food and my cousin once broached the topic of me getting one someday and I thought hell yeah! That’d be pretty awesome! Especially a food related one! So I’ve been thinking about what to get. Even though it might be sometime before I do get one.

My father, being rather conservative, was already displaying signs of consternation at the aforementioned conversation I had with my fully decked out cousin, who has 2 full sleeves and he’s covered down to the calves. Still, I’m not really worried by dad’s worried frown and instead, it sort of spurs me on all the more.

So anyway, I’m definite its going to be food related. I’m quite averse to knives though. They just give off a way too screamo vibe. Utensils might do the trick but I’m not too sure. A Chinois reflects my ancestry but looks dumb. A ladle perhaps but that has got hardly anything to do with me. Actual food items can be hard to translate as well. I like a wide variety of stuff, so picking one that would also look good would be hard. Text, on the other hand, holds up well and is relatively simple. That’s probably going to be what I’ll be looking at. I’m also tossing it up between a ring around the collarbone in script (kinda trendwhorish I know) or across the back (hate that I can’t see it) or across the belly, perhaps quite apt I suppose. We’ll see. It’s that or a sectioned piggie.