Its been 7 years after the Mini and 9 years after the Beetle, but Fiat have finally revived the classic Fiat 500. With its kooky cute looks and retro leanings, its the latest challenger in the quirky car segment and judging by how critics have taken things, its better late than never.

The new Fiat 500, hot chick optional extra.

It doesn’t really look anything at all like the old 500 but its still really cute and cuddly, kinda like a little gummy bear that you wanna chomp the head off of. Like the Beetle and the Mini, it also comes with customizable graphic options aside from the cutesy colors. I personally like the white version myself. The interiors also look suitably funky from whatever photos I managed to check out.

I had no idea Fiat was Italian until they put 3 in a row. Only Italians park like that.

I suppose it suffers from being less iconic like its old counterpart. In contrast the new Mini and Beetle really do look like the older versions to some extent. Not even considering the fact that the 500 was always less famous compared to the other 2 vehicles, particularly outside Europe. Still, its been well received enough to be able to have a life of its own, which may be to its benefit instead.

I don’t think its going to be the next big thing though. The design itself isn’t powerful enough to extend it beyond the price range, which is higher than Fiat’s own Punto. Which is kinda cannibalistic if you ask me. Its still cheaper than the Mini and the Beetle though, so its a decent alternative. But with bigger, cheaper options like the Yaris and Mazda 2, its gonna be a tough tough fight for this little bambino. Still, its good to see something new brought to the table.