One of those things I’ve always wanted but procrastinated too much about was getting a set of decks. Kinda like my fascination with a Fender Strat or a drum kit or a piano. Obviously, the financial outlay for each of these would considerably eat into my ability to purchase clothes and food, so I compromise by putting them off.

I understand I’d be being quite the poseur lusting after the Pacemaker by Tonium. But to quote some dude in a movie, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”. So why the fuck would I need one? Well, it looks cool for starters. Kinda like a PSP meets a voltmeter kinda vibe. Plus it also has a reasonable sized capacity at 120Gb. And I get to indulge in my erotic fantasies involving the mixing of Joy Division with Shampoo. The only thing is it costs a little over double a 160Gb iPod, which reiterates my first paragraph.

How can you look at that and not see sex?

Practically, this isn’t going to be replacing too many real consoles anytime soon. Its limited and would be kinda dumb used in a club situation by a serious DJ. You could still use the device though, to replace the iPod and fool around with on the go. Wannabes like me could also fiddle around a bit if they could afford it. Plus, its just this idea of extra functionality beyond just a music player to becoming a music maker. Would be cool if you could record stuff as well but I suppose that’s a whole nother ball game right there.

My birthday’s in June btw.