The high cost of shopping in Sydney is a subject that I’ve harped on about. Yet, rather than keep bitchin’ like a broken record, I’ve done something about it and come up with a solution, a proxy service.

For starters, Sydney isn’t just expensive, its also difficult to find good quality basics for reasonable prices. Especially for me, someone who really likes minimal detailing and is Asian. My taste and build do not adhere me to what is generally available in this city. Nu-rave culture a part of I am not. I can only afford so many pieces from Chronicles of Never, Beat Poet, Claude Maus, Hem & Haw etc. Its not just a question of wealth but a question of fitment and taste.

Thus I resort to proxying Uniqlo from Japan. Despite the shipping costs and extra fees incurred, its really really hard to say no to AUD$40 shirts that fit like I was the mannequin. Tees, shirts, underwear, socks. Especially socks. Their socks are awesome. Its a godsend. So much so, I’ve made 3 orders already and am coming up with a 4th one to complete my wardrobe. And I haven’t even mentioned the constant stream of designer collabos @ Uniqlo till now. Loden Dager, Tim Hamilton, Cassette Playa, Alexander Plokhov… all on the cheap.

Proxying also offers other benefits, like procuring hard to find stuff from places faraway. You can find Visvims in Sydney but you could proxy a pair over for substantially less. Or you could say, fill out your wardrobe with stuff from Attachment or Julius or wjk or Lad Musician if you’re so inclined. Which is basically the only way you can get your mitts on this stuff save flying to Japan/HK. You could also opt for cheap designer like Hare or any of the multiple stores in Japan, like Beams, Ships, United Arrows… Often, there’s also many unique to Japan items, like ballistic Clarks Desert Boots for instance. And there’s the denim…

Having made 3 different orders, 1X Skull Wallet and 2X Uniqlo with Sharpservice, I can fully recommend Hide as the man for your Japan proxy needs. He does suffer from the odd email breakdowns and site overhauls but he will respond and he will ship the shit over. The guy has been wonderful in communication with me thus far and sometimes responds instantaneously.

Hide’s email: