The lady you see above goes by the name of Tommi Miers. The axe wielding male next to her is Guy Grieves. Together, they are The Wild Gourmets, which is a telly series on the UK’s Channel4 but also shown here in Australia on cable. My latest vice is basically spending an entire day just watching the lifestyle food channel on Foxtel which is really really addictive somehow, more or less how I came across this odd couple.

Back to The Wild Gourmets. Now this pairing like to hunt and forage for food and then cook and eat it, a sort of back to nature kinda vibe with a very honest approach. The episode I watched had warning labels flashing across before it started and I soon found out why when Guy shoots a squirrel dead. We’re told that apparently, they are no more than a “tree rat” and they are more vermin than anything else. An American import to the UK that is causing grief to the local red squirrels.

I’ll put the ethics of prioritizing one species over another down to the survival of the fittest but before I could actually digest my thoughts, Mr. Grieves was then chopping the arms off the squirrel before proceeding to skin and gut it in a particularly brutal fashion. Ms. Miers meanwhile, readied a pot and made a stew of sorts, braising the squirrel meat, before making a sauce out of wild berries, wrapping the squirrel in handmade little pastry circles and pretending that its “Peking Duck”.

I have to say I was taken aback, not least by the no nonsense, guts and all display on camera but also how they were able to actually transform what most people consider to be strange into something that actually looked pretty damn tasty.

Alongside some deliciously rustic recipes they prepare on a campsite, with mostly food culled from mother nature, they spurt musings about environmentalist issues and the human psyche. Its an interesting take on a food program, one that reminds me once more of the cruelty in living. The food isn’t the most amazing but there’s something everyone can learn about receiving all the gifts mother nature serves up.