The last time Sofia Coppola got together with Kirsten Dunst, it was Virgin Suicides. Which happened to be a really wonderful, beautiful little film about girls killing themselves. They got back together for the biographical film on the famously beheaded former empress of France, Marie Antoinette. Which happens to be really languid and rather boring, almost facile. I guess it was more of a “oh look, here’s a poor little rich girl trying hard to find herself” story. It seemed to really empathize with the supposedly decadent side of the empress and hardly bothered about the trivialities like her spending away the country’s money.

The movie was really slow and seemed disconnected with all this wonderful post punk/new wave stuff that was on the soundtrack. It all sounds great but doesn’t seem to move in tandem, even if particular themes are similar. It just felt very poseur almost, like hey, let’s throw in some really good music to distract people from the shitty script.

But I’m not too bothered. I just spent my time staring at the wonderful costumes and cleavage. And this lovely shot of Ms. Dunst without the silly costume. Which begs the question why Jason Schwarztmann took like a few years to bone her.