Just watched Walk Hard, which I must admit is quite enjoyable, even if the humor tends towards the crass at times. Ultimately, it will manage to strike a chord with any music fan I’m sure. My favourite bit in the film has to be the part when Cox, played by John C. Reilly, goes through a lot of emotional trauma following the death of his mother and channeling that anger, hate and confusion into a punk version of his hit single, Walk Hard, replete with Ois at the end.

That’s the man jumping in the air right there.

Its quite the ride really, taking Cox from the rock’n’roll era through to 60s psychedelia, 70s camp before he returns to the stage for one final time in the present era. He takes on various shades of different personas through the ages, from Buddy Holly and Elvis through to a Dylan phase, a Beatles phase, a Tom Jones era, a Bowie era all the while exuding a distinct Johnny Cash-ness. Its like a Cliff Notes review of pop music history in a movie that makes you laugh. A lighthearted, if insensitive version of Walk The Line if you will.