If there was one dude in cinema that you wouldn’t be embarrassed to say inspires you, it would have to be Alain Delon. Up till recently, I had no idea that The Talented Mr. Ripley, which starred Matt Damon was a remake of Plein Soleil, with Delon in the lead role. Clearly, Damon isn’t a patch on the Frenchman du jour, whose sauve attitude and charisma on screen make you believe he really is who he is playing.

Directed by Rene Clement, Plein Soleil is about Delon being sent to bring back an errant son of a rich man. He tries his best so that he can claim a sizeable reward but after a while realises this will never come to pass. Instead, he opted to take over the identity of his newfound friend by murdering him and imitating him till the point that he becomes him. The pic above shows him practicing in front of the mirror, quite poignant and symbolic in many ways.

The dude is steezy as shit as well, rocking his gear like only he knows how. If anything, Plein Soleil is worth watching simply to learn from the master.