I bought the book before watching the series but I have to say now, that I enjoy both. In search of perfection, is Heston Blumenthal’s show on the telly where he looks at a classic, commonly loved dish and shoots for the perfect rendition of it. Obviously, he would be biased towards his tastes but I’d probably not argue too much with a celebrated 3 Michelin star chef whose restaurant, The Fat Duck is rated at #2 in the world. (Ferran Adria pips him to #1.)

Anyway, the guy fits the mad scientist role pretty well. He’s big and a touch gruff looking but he’s also got these signature glasses custom made by Michel Guillon. His thought processes and style of presentation also makes the show quite enjoyable to watch. Instead of being a recipe show like how most cooking shows are, Blumenthal looks at cooking much like an architect or a designer. He looks at the core problem, researches past information and then tries to solve everything, looking at every detail possible.

You can check out some of his recipes on the beeb.