The other superb documentary I caught was Air Guitar Nation. Which is like half as emo as King of Kong. The film is directed by Alexandra Lipsitz and follows the Americans and their recent uptake on competitive air guitar. Since 1996, the Air Guitar World Championships have been held in Oulu, Finland. Yet it was only in 2003 that the Americans started to take part and this film follows the main characters from the regional east/west coast competitions in the US to the national tourney and finally, their trip to Finland.

How in the world would you ever find someone pretending to play on a guitar entertaining? Well, that shit is basically answered when you watch a clip of C-Diddy. So without further adieu.

The clip above shows Korean American David Jung wearing a red bathrobe with a Hello Kitty plaque strapped across his chest as he imaginatively strums to Play With Me by Extreme. The song takes parts from Mozart’s Turkish March at the intro and was used in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure FYI. In the clip, Jung, who hails from NY, is playing to an initially hostile booing West Coast crowd, who eventually cheer his mad antics. Such is the power that this rubber faced dude possesses. He also happens to be a smalltime actor, appearing on a host of American productions, which probably helps him a ton. The depth/thinking behind his absurd getup and style is quite remarkable. His sheer drive and dedication to being in character is also amazing. From the moment he appears on stage, you get disarmed by the ludicrous nature of it all and you have no fucking idea what he’s going to do.

Its not just C Diddy either. There’s a load of other guys like try hard Bjorn Turoque AKA Dan Crane who always ends up losing out to Jung but gets to go all the way to Finland where he doesn’t get on the podium. He does get to release a book about his exploits. Then there’s also other guys like a born again Christian rocker who gets off his wheelchair because he’s healed by Jesus and all manner of wannabes in the documentary itself.

The thing that makes Air Guitar compelling isn’t just the ridiculous hijinks and over the top exaggeration. Its the fact that these people know its all one big joke but that they take it seriously as well. Apparently, there’s some substance behind all the hot air. There’s no condescension when you watch these guys perform. They’re almost like real rockstars and to be honest, guys smashing real guitars and biting bats heads off and shit, that’s pretty silly as well. Sure the air guitarists might lack real musical talent but they make up for it with wonderful imagination. Its about making something from out of nothing.

Trailer for the film.