For months, I have stared at the display, baulking at the high prices but finally succumbed to temptation, bit the bullet, dug up my book of cliches and bought me some pastries from Pattison’s.

Clockwise from left, Lemon Meringue Tart, Napoleon and the Almond Pear Tart.

Verdict? Good, if rather pricey. The three items above plus a Risotto pie ran me close to $20. Yes. Madness! The Napoleon I dissected first and I had to since it was rather massive. I ate it in a layers but it was good, very nice and clean pastry cream and great puff pastry and icing sweetness. I’d be great with a smaller slice overall, not as high and at 2/3 the price. The Almond Pear Tart was good too. The nice rounded sweetness of the frangipane filling went well with the pear and the shortcrust encasing it all fell apart in a lovely way. The Lemon Meringue Tart was probably my fave though, a good acidic, lemony hit in the custard calmed by a super soft meringue. The only peeve I had was the damn sticker. I mean. There’s glue and shit on it. At least they stuck/slotted it onto a lemon slice. Still, a touch disconcerting given how much I have to put out for everything.

The Risotto pie was alright as well, pretty tasty if unspectacular. I’d also previously had their savory meat pies and some assorted croissants. Overall, I’d say everything pretty much tastes quite good, close to great but I’m really not sure the price is at all justified.