Not the flashy ex Newcastle winger but the Australian chain of bakeries just to clarify. Laurent has got quite a few stores in Melbourne and just 2 in Sydney, one in Bondi and the other in Manly, where I found refuge on a torrid, windy, rainy day that would have killed any and all optimism. The bakery’s lovely little pastries though, did go some way to alleviating the drudgery.

They do classic French pastries and they do it damn well. That’s why you fork out 6-7 dollars for a lovely little Charlotte or 3-4 dollars for a perfectly fried beignet. I managed to sample a few pastries together with some friends and was generally impressed with the offerings. The one thing i distinctly remember though, is the chocolate macaroon, which can be had for a dollar eighty. It just fell apart delightfully in the mouth and smacked a chocolatey goodness that had me swooning.

Their sugar glazed brioche.