Seeing as my future lies in Manly, I took a trip to the beachside town and performed a spot of reconnaissance. Lunch happened to be at Benbry Burgers, which in my mind is basically the best burger under $10 anywhere in town. I think its hard/nigh impossible to find burgers as good for double or triple the price even. They have a simple idea, “well priced gourmet food”. The buns they use are a touch large but fresh and laden with sesame up top. The mince is fine and has a good touch of flavor. The condiments were also fresh and simple, never swamping the basic flavor of the meat too much. I accidentally took out two chomps of my friend’s beef burger and demolished my lamb one with herbs in the mince. The beef is definitely good stuff.

They serve pretty fast and its obviously just a tiny takeaway joint but they do what they do well. Take your pick from a Moroccan style chicken burger or a grilled Barramundi burger if you don’t like red meat. They also have vege options in the form of a tofu burger which I will try and report as well as a falafel one.

Benbry Burgers
5 Sydney Road
Manly 2095 NSW
02 99776055