One day, a friend asked me to do one of those personality games. It involved expanding on a simple set of pictograms by drawing more of it. You start with a circle, a triangle, an X, a square etc. Each symbol represents something, like the circle is your view of yourself. I drew a football cos I’m sexy and fun. The triangle represented how other people viewed you. For that, I drew a pyramid, which makes me sexy and mysterious.

Anyway, I’m rather fascinated by pyramids. The history and all that is one thing, but the sheer physical, mathematical beauty of it all is another. Here comes the pyramid flood. Pictures stolen from everywhere, and this list is not intended to be complete.

The one at Giza.

The mathematical one.

The I.M Pei masterpiece.

The Toothpick Pyramid in El Topo.

The Chronicles of Never pendant.

The world record 7 meter high champagne pyramid.