Maggie Beer is to Australia what Julia Child is/was to the US. She’s got her own line of products that you can find at many delis here in Sydney but even Coles, the local supermarket chain, stocks some stuff too. I’m not a huge fan of her signature Pheasant Farm Pate (bit sweet methinks) but you can kop to kart and check it out yourself. What I do like is her new range of ice creams. Strangely enough, I had some peculiar notion that Australia would have a good selection of ice creams in the common market but I haven’t found anything close to say… Haagen Dazs for instance. Until now that is.

There are a total of four flavors out and I’ve tried 2. The 2 I haven’t tried are Passionfruit and Vanilla with Elderflower. They just seem way too normal and I really expect the elderflower element in the latter to be kinda so mild that it’d be pretty much plain vanilla really. Ok, maybe I will try that out. The other 2 I tried I found to be good and great. Quince and Bitter Almond was good although I think the bitter bit in the name seemed more marketing than anything. Maggie is huge on quinces. What I loved was the Burnt Fig Jam with Honeycomb and Caramel. This was really rich, almost to the point of cloying but lingering just below. Good deep flavor and sweet as. Again, the burnt bit in the name makes it sound so magic dunnit. You do get the taste of the fig which goes well with the caramel ice cream and some honeycomb bits to bite into.

She should now make a range of meat pies, which are my other supermarket vice.

*First X-post from CookBlog!