I’ve always had a thing for Volkswagen, after all, I spent a good coupla years driving a Golf all around Singapore. Memories of balsa & foam models, girlfriends, pizza, sleeping on the wheel, knocking into curbs and the like surface in abundance and not always together. One thing that does stick out beside the trivialities is the fact that the Golf was a really great and fun car to drive. I could really throw it around and it managed to handle it rather comfortably. Including that one time I went 160km/h on a 80km/h road. This is not a confession. I only truly realised how awesome Europe’s best selling car for eons was, when we swapped over to a Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, with a pathetic, less than a litre engine and loose rear wheel drive steering.


In any case, I was on the bus today and I managed to catch a glimpse of not one but two VW Eos on the road, stuck in traffic. One was classic silver and the other champagne gold. One had two skinhead chumpy dudes whilst the other a rather more elegant lady. What really caught my eye was the styling of the car itself. In either permutation, it managed to look quite classy, drawing a distinction from everything else around it. Granted everything else included a lot of Toyotas but still. Its not the flashiest one around nor quite the most expensive but it looks good. Plus, its a bloody convertible so its always gonna be awesome. Heck, even the skinhead chumps didn’t look that chumpy.


I’m not the only one getting hot under the collar. It was actually awarded the best exterior design award by a local car mag right here in Oz. The pictures don’t truly justify the understated beauty of this gentle fawn. Your eyes would do well to feast upon one in all its clanging metal flesh.