I have this travelpass in Sydney which basically lets me travel anywhere I want within a week. I use and abuse it by travelling in multifarious ways to and from work. One place I pass by occasionally when I take a particular bus and get off at a particular stop is called Crow’s Nest, a suburb well known for having some decent grub.

Within that place was Macro Wholefoods Market which basically only sold organic produce. I thought I’d traipse around for a bit and ended up buying some stuff. First, the good.

The Ecor Group hails from Italy and they make a variety of biscuits and pastas and stuff. What caught my eye is their brilliant packaging, which is good simple graphic design, clean modern and tasty looking. Check out their website and you’ll see more of what I mean.

Then there was this slab of fudgy brownie from Phillipa’s, which is local, well Melbournian but you get the point. Its ingredients included Callebaut, which allowed for the moniker Belgian Chocolate Brownie, because Cadbury just doesn’t make up for the 12 bucks I forked over. It was pricey but pretty good. Crumbly, moist and choco-loco. Despite the fact its packed in plastic and off a shelf. Tyler Brule thinks her bread is hot if that means anything to anyone.

Now the bad.

I’m still not convinced my organic orange allowed to blemish naturally by the use of less/no insecticides is actually a good thing. For one, the acceptance of crop pests does zilch, flavorwise at least. At worst, you get larvae nesting in the skin. Dude, wash your fruitz and maybe half the poisonous insecticides is gone. But mainly, I’m not that willing to part with more money for what may not be better. This is grotesque generalization of course. I’m sure there are brilliant organic producers who make the best stuff around but I’m also sure there’s producers out there who make stuff just as good or better and don’t brand themselves under some trendy catchall term that healthnuts go bonkers for. Pro organics will claim the stuff tastes better and its healthier and the animals that were slaughtered lived a good life. And it may do but it also uses more land, yields less and costs more. Also, stop kidding yourselves over the plight of chickens in overcrowded farm videos on youtube. Fact is, humans eat meat. Stop being hypocritical and accept it. If you chose veganism/vegetarianism after watching dem chicken videos, I ask if you wondered about the plight of those plants you’re mowing down and the animals it once supported. Balance is key. Stupid fads do sweet f-all. I’m totally ok with farms that rear black-hooved pigs that only eat acorns freerange that become lovely slabs of ham because they taste good. I really don’t need them to label themselves as a form of marketing.

Also, in case you missed the bit about the price. Here it is again. I can’t afford organic produce and I’m whinging about it. So there. I must mention though, that I found some produce at Macro to be only marginally more expensive than big supermarket chains. Yet, all the good stuff, was always really really pricey, like Duchy Originals for instance. Then again, I suppose you have to pay more for quality. You just have to scrounge around more for good deals.