Right, mate comes back from the land of lahs and we’re all raring to meet up so what else to do but have some lunch. Everyone else’s plan was basically to get me to think of where to go.

In times like these, its tough to find great meals at value prices. I certainly didn’t expect to find Sydney’s best burger at just $10. Plan B, right next to Becasse (they’re related) is basically a hole in the wall cafe that sells a coupla sandwiches as well as coffee from Single Origin. What’s special is their $10 Wagyu burgers, which presumably has to be made of offcuts from the restaurant. An example of which you can see below.


First up, the service was brilliant. Yea its Becasse but its not quite is it? They could have just as easily been as gruff as any other sandwich joint in town. Instead, we had the loveliest lady serving us, helping us move furniture and setting our plates and cutlery… For $10.

Now the burger. Its offcuts, probably a little old but still, this isn’t any old mince anyway. This is 600 day grain fed wagyu, mixed with some ground cloves and vinegar and seasoning. Its good. Bloody good but not bloody at all. The meat falls apart nicely and is flavorsome. Its economical and amazing. $10. Its soft, moist and tender. The seasoning is spot on and you’d probably have to fork over 2 to 4 times as much for anything even close to this anywhere else.

The best bit for me though, was the bread buns. Which I’m assuming are baked in house, because they looked like they popped outta a mold, got cut in two and were then grilled just so. The flavor was superb. Good and crispy shell but a firm, strong centre fluffed up by baking soda, as evidenced by a lack of yeastiness.

Combine with some melted cheese, a bit of greenery and some beetroot and never mind best burger in Sydney. This was probably my best meal in Sydney $20 and under. You would be forgiven for thinking a $10 wagyu burger is gonna be tiny but its substantial enough that I didn’t feel like I needed more. Probably because it tasted so good.

With all the talk of recession, I was actually surprised not to see more suits chowing down with us. Bizarre given how good it really is. Perhaps its because not many people know about it? I’m just thankful my peasant ass manages to sneak a taste of the divine that would otherwise end up in Justin North’s trash heap.